Oh… Just Lounging Around

It’s so weird having this little toddler moving, rolling well even lounging around the place. She always preferred me wearing her and now its the complete opposite. I cherish those moments when I get to wear her now!

Oh... Just Lounging Around

I’ve even caught her a few times doing her thing and I’ll turn my head to check up on her and the next thing you know it, she knocks out on the floor. I have no idea how that is even comfortable.

Oh... Just Lounging Around

I’ve always had my eye on the Dock A Tot, but more so with the Grande size, they actually have two sizes. A Deluxe (0-8 months) and Grande (9-36 months), we opted for the Grande size as I always thing about the future and feel it would be perfect whenever she’s ready to transition into a toddler bed.

Oh... Just Lounging Around

When they sent it over to us I instantly washed the the two covers, to use it right away. At first I thought it was going to be a struggle taking it off, but it was really easy removing the mattress pad and bumper tube. Without a doubt I naturally gravitate to subtle colors and patterns and went with the Dream Weaver and Chevron print.

Oh... Just Lounging Around

Oh... Just Lounging Around

We actually headed down to San Diego this weekend for a wedding and we are going to bring this with us as we stay with my brother-in-law. When this got shipped to us it came with a protective bag and a cardboard piece that you can reuse when transporting as we will be doing.

They have a referral rewards program, if you want $10 off all products, click here. Would love to know what you would use your DockATot for?

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4 thoughts on “Oh… Just Lounging Around

  1. Yay!!! She looks so cozy! I can’t wait to get out ours. We are hoping it’ll make cosleeping easier on me & Hubs. Hope it helps out over the weekend away 🙂

  2. Never heard of these!! What a great idea! On a side note, can I ask what your daughters middle name is? We are expecting a baby girl soon and I love the name Cataleya but haven’t been able to find a middle name we like.

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