Baby Shower Gift + Cammi and Co 30% Off!

Were actually headed down to San Diego for Cataleya’s Ninang’s/Godmother’s baby shower later today.  The past few weeks I’ve been slowly gathering items for her gift.

Every time I get stuff for Cataleya I’m constantly like “oh this would be perfect for a baby shower gift”. Then too many times I wished I would of bookmarked those ideas, because when it comes time to prepare for one I’m clueless. Luckily, there are baby registries which are helpful. However, we’re bringing down tons of items that Cataleya has outgrown or we don’t use anymore, and most of those items knocked out quite a few items off her registry.


So that left it open to get her a few items I know her Ninang aka Godmother has been curious on trying. She’s obviously having another girl and that definitely made it that much easier.

Right off that bat I knew I had to include a bow, specifically from Cammi and Co.  I fell in love with the Suede Bow that I seen on her Instagram feed. It was the daintiness that caught my heart and I instantly got Cataleya one. For her Ninang we wanted to give a customized set that for sure included that Suede Bow. We went with a set of 5 we picked our colors sticking with majority pink, a grey, and white as colors with a variety of bow styles. When we received the bows they were perfect! I have to confess I’m going to get Cataleya the exact same set. What can I say, she can be twinning with her cousin.


Her shop has a mixture of headbands that are super soft because of the nylon. As well as an alligator and snap clips for those who’s babies have a little more hair. I can’t wait for that moment Cataleya can wear a clip! And… she just released an All Around Suede Bow, yup the original bow that caught my heart, but more of it!

Cammi and Co is offering my readers a discount – 30% off. Just use code Cataleya and you can use up to April 2nd!


A few other items I included were:

Honest’s Spring Collection which couldn’t of come at a better time, I absolutely had to include those and a couple baby wipes. As well as some trusty sanitizer spray, that she can easily pop into her bag.

Sweet Almond Oil/Sponge/Hair & Body Wash

Jezriel and I are loving  the BabyLit book and have grown Cataleya’s library. They are super colorful to add that pop to the gift basket.

We included our go to baby wash by Tubby Todd Bath Co. along with a soft sponge.  Don’t forget about that moisturizer, our go to is almond oil.


Lastly is a teething necklace from You and Me Teething.

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  1. Oh my gosh these bows are super cute! Just bought some for Addie. Thanks for the recommendation! Can’t wait for her to wear them!

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