1st Easter Basket ?

I started to prep Cataleya’s Easter basket last month. Thank gosh I looked at the calendar, because I’m so use to it being in April not March, it completely threw me off!

I instantly pulled up Pinterest, however I had no idea where to start or what to put in it for a baby. First thing that popped up on Pinterest was a DIY moss basket. I was going to just buy one, but they were a bit pricey. After quickly scrolling through that post it looked easy and the supply list was minor. Later that week we all headed to Michaels and bought the basket and moss. All of it was pretty affordable especially with their coupons you can download on their website.


I kept putting off to work on the basket, because I thought it was going to take a few hours. However, it was so easy it only took max about an hour and that’s even including me giving the thing a haircut ✂. IMG_7144

As for gifts, I had so much fun picking out items ?. I have to admit I was a little worried what items I could fill with it, but it came all together. Thinking back to when I was little I just remember all the chocolate! So what I did instead was picking items that she needed. Cataleya is already outgrowing her infant towels and I’ve been itching to get one from Pottery Barn, as well as these bold colored tights from June and January. I originally only bought two, but I fell in ?with them I went back and bought the whole bundle ?. Lastly, I’ve been obsessed with The Hazel Village animals so I had to include one of their rabbits, and a couple books, The Tale of Petter Rabbit and Bloom with Mi from Amazon.


As for the base I just grab one of Cataleya’s packaged wipes and wrapped it with a burlap runner that I had lying around. Then for the filler, I didn’t want to use the shredded paper option so I went with the HelloMaypole felt balls this way she can still play with them.



Earlier this week I bought some Ranunculus and figured I could put them on her basket. Well they didn’t stick on well nor did I have time to figure it out, so I just went to town with the hot glue gun! Next time I’ll just attach fake flowers!



What are you putting in your little ones baskets and where do you like to shop for those items?

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