Kitchen Organizing

Each month I’ve been tackling a new space. The kitchen took some time organizing because there was a ton of back and forth on my purchased/exchanged/returns… on a bunch of products. Online shopped a ton so I couldn’t really touch and feel the products.

In our last space I think all of us constantly got frustrated not being able to find what we needed. So I knew this was on my wish list of things to do. First was the pantry because that was the dark whole. By far love the OXO POP containers. I linked which containers for our pantry essentials.

Then I separated out our boxed, packaged, and canned goods with mDesign containers. As well as our sweeteners, nut spreads, and pancake mix. Goal of mine is to get rid of of the pancake mix category and use my sourdough starter for that. Baker in training here.

Another most used spot is the coffee, and tea area. I used more of the mDesign containers to separate all of our coffees and a universal capsule holder. These square mDesign containers worked perfect for my packaged and loose tea.

Now while I was at it I had to straighten up our drawers. I’m not sure why I’ve never decided to ever organize these but our silverware. So I just bought all of our kitchen drawers the bamboo trays and organizers.

I tackled a big project but boy it has made such a huge difference. We can find everything and know where it all goes. It was an investment but it will pay off in the long run.

I’d love for you to share any ways you stay organized in your kitchen.

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