The Giant Forest

They may not be the Redwoods, but they were pretty spatular! It was one of my dad requests to go check them out, so we drove up about 3ish hours north of us.

The drive up wasn’t to bad, it was the way down that got me a little sick with the windy road down! However, I have to say my car sickness has been that bad lately.

I dressed us warm thinking it was going to be cold due to the elevation, but it was perfect weather. We honestly could of warn our summer cloths and would of been fine. While on the trails Cataleya pushed her little stroller a big portion of the time. She always keep saying “WOW!” she was so amazed by the tall trees.

The whole route was very scenic, but Cataleya knocked out for the most of it. She was so exhausted from all that walking, which as all part of the plan.

Have you been? Gosh it was so amazing knowing how close these giant trees are to us!

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