My Peace of Mind + Her Curiosity

Childproofing was so overwhelming to me and didn’t want to get what we didn’t need. I was curious to what other parents did, so I asked and built off of that.

My Peace of Mind + Her Curiosity

I didn’t buy everything at once, but instead took it by how Cataleya explored our place and found what I didn’t feel comfortable getting into if I took my eyes off of her.

When she started crawling we moved everything up that was breakable from our shelves and coffee tables. I didn’t feel comfortable her putting her fingers into the wall outlets, so opted for Safety 1st outlet covers. A few parents told me their kids out smarted it, but I still have trouble taking out ours when I need them.

My Peace of Mind + Her Curiosity

Then she discovered standing and we almost had a close call with our furniture tipping over and thank gosh I was right in front of it. I had a top draw pulled out and she happened to pull the bottom one and the dresser tipped over on me.

I didn’t want that to happen again so we mounted our furniture to the walls using Quakehold! I was skeptical at first, but our furniture doesn’t move away from the wall, not even a little.

My Peace of Mind + Her Curiosity

Also we have a gas stove and I felt they were too easy to turn on. How do you educate your toddlers about stove safety, maybe to young? I went with these Safety 1st Clear knobs so it wouldn’t look too tacky on.

My Peace of Mind + Her Curiosity
Safety 1st Cabinet Slide Lock – White

There were a couple cabinets that had items I just didn’t have anywhere else to put and didn’t want her to get into; really just this hallway one and under the kitchen sink.

My Peace of Mind + Her Curiosity

My Peace of Mind + Her Curiosity
Kidco Safeway Gate – White

Then lastly was the stairs. We went a while without this gate, she actually loves sliding down the stairs. I decided on the gate because she is a fast crawler and their were a few times I’d turn my head and she was half way up and I just got nervous if she fell backwards.

What were your top childproof items you had to get?

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