Cataleya’s Grandpa Moving to Cali 🌴 🌴

Our family has been quite busy this past week being tour guides 😝, as we had family in town, specifically my dad and brother. Every morning we woke up at 4am to head down to spend the day in Los Angeles. Can you say lots of coffee!!! We wanted to beat traffic at least one way.

Cataleya's Grandpa Moving to Cali 🌴 🌴

It felt like we went everywhere from Santa Monica Pier, to The Original Farmer’s Market, LACMA, Getty Villa in Malibu and Venice Canals. Now that I’m writing this, I should do a couple posts about it, because there are so many great photos!!! 😉

Cataleya's Grandpa Moving to Cali 🌴 🌴

My brother was only in town for a week, so we slammed everything in. However, hence the title of this blog, my dad reached his destination here in California.

Cataleya loovved the sand, she even ate it 😝 #beachdays #manhattanbeach

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Jezriel and I are so grateful he took retirement, sold pretty much everything, packed the essentials in a U-Haul trailer and said goodbye to Texas with excitement! My step mom will be joining us in October so be prepared to see more photos of them.

Cataleya's Grandpa Moving to Cali 🌴 🌴

The funny thing is that almost exactly a year ago when he flew down for Cataleya’s baptism, he jokingly said he was going to move to Cali in a year ‘California Dreaming’ as he said it and it coincidently became a reality last week!

Cataleya's Grandpa Moving to Cali 🌴 🌴

Cataleya's Grandpa Moving to Cali 🌴 🌴

This is going to be a huge help as this will give me extra hands, more time to focus on this blog and my contract work as well as Grandpa spending time with Cataleya.


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What does retirement mean to your kid’s grandparents?

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