A Waldorf Faire and Festivities

Ever since we attended our first Waldorf Fair in the Winter. I’ve subscribed to Highland Halls events on there Facebook Page so we don’t miss one!


Last month they hosted a May Faire at their Highland Hall location to welcome in the Spring season 🌷🌷. A Maypole Ceremony accompanied with traditional dancing that the kids did was at the beginning.




The children threw flower pedals onto the grass, followed both with singing and twirling around the Maypole as they intertwined the ribbons. Cataleya was so focused on the ceremony she didn’t take her eyes off it.



After mingling with a few moms from my community we scoped out the shop booths. It’s hard not to buy anything because they carry a lot of hard to find items, such as simple muted toys for the kids.


All the children were just running around and having fun with the crafts and games. Cataleya was signaling for a nap so we couldn’t stay long to dig into the crafts. I really wanted to make our own flower crown, but we did get to leave with some flower bombs. I think that’s what they were called >_<. The idea is to throw them into empty patches on the ground after a day of rain; I still have them as I am waiting for the rain.




Before we left we took a peak at this Sun Hive🐝. It’s different than a traditional Bee Hive, by allowing bees to live more naturally. It’s not intended to produce honey, but instead conserve a home for them. You can read more about it here, it’s really interesting.


Before we left Cataleya eyes kept looking at the maypole, so we figured we’d sit on the grass to let her play with the pedals on the ground. She loves playing with plants so I knew this would calm her down before our drive back home. She totally knocked out in her car seat.



Have you ever heard of a Maypole Ceremony? If so, where did you attend one? We can’t wait of the next event.

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5 thoughts on “A Waldorf Faire and Festivities

  1. This looks like so much fun!! In Philadelphia most of the festivals are for adults 🙁 This week is Philly Beer week as well as The Roots Festival…Nothing for Emma 🙁

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