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Jez and I are in a slow transition on swapping for more organic and natural products for our home and ourselves. I find it challenging because it’s so different from what we both grew up with. I was pretty excited SoCal Naturals invited us to check out their Be The Change Event this past weekend.


It peaked my interest because I wanted to see and especially try possible new products. They even were having a yoga session outside in the morning. I totally would of participated, but poor Jez would be carrying to much stuff as if we didn’t leave with a ton!


They had a VIP section that came into handy for us, so I can sit down and nurse Cataleya. I haven’t practiced enough to master wearing Cataleya and nursing the same time, that’s a technique!


Our favorite food tasting was Tender Greens. Jezriel and I are very familiar with there dishes. When I was pregnant we were regular’s at their Burbank location you really can’t go wrong with any of their entrees.

IMG_8458 (1)

Jezriel loves coconut water, probably obsessed with it. To me it’s an acquired taste and only can drink a bottle then I’m good for a while. However, I am picky with my selection and I have to give it to ZICO,  their pineapple flavor won me over! I had no idea they had so many flavors to choose from.


Suja Juice is a new brand I haven’t came across, which I’m surprise because they are in Whole Food stores. I tried their Classic Mango Magic and it was amazing for a person like me who doesn’t care for mango. These juices are actually cold-pressured vs cold-pressed so all the nutrients are preserved, you can read more about it here.


I love succulents they are just so pretty and perfect for me who isn’t gifted with a green thumb. We have a couple outside our place, but my gosh Be A tall Poppy makes them so much more visually appealing.


How do you find out about organic products and brands?

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