The past few monthsĀ I’ve been on the hunt for a mineral sunscreen. To be honest they can be a little confusing when trying to find a safer one.Ā I really likeĀ Wellness Mama’s post on the topic, it’s a great guide when looking into them.


BALM! Baby recently sent me their BALM! Baby SUN! Mineral Sunscreenā˜€along with a few others to try out. What’s noticeably different is the packaging, you’ll notice plastic is drasticallyĀ reduced and instead uses 2oz. glass jars and recycled aluminum. All the product is made right here in the USA and are even vegan and cruelty free!

BALM! Baby SUN!Ā goes on so smooth and rubs in quickly. I can’t tell if I smell more of the lavender or macadamiaĀ nut oil, either way its pleasing. Don’t let the jar size fool you, I even thought we’d use it up pretty quickly but it’s still half full; we even all use it.


The ingredients are minimal and even utilize an organic farm. They even accommodate a custom order if you have specific skin allergies. We don’t have any, but I thought that was pretty cool option to accommodate.


As you know we’ve been using our cloth diapers and I’m soĀ glad the Diaper Balm is safe on them. Ā What’sĀ even better, because its a natural product it has multiple uses and smells amazing. Cataleya rarely gets a diaper rash, so I’ve lately been slathering thisĀ onto my eczema throughout the day. My hunch its the calendula ingredient thats held tame it.


The SPRAY that BOTTOM! to me is similar to the Diaper Balm but in a spray form. However, I took advantage of the spray with my sunburn on my legs, because who wants to rub a sunburn. You don’t know how many times I forget to put sunscreen on myself, even after I put it on Cataleya.


I was just running out of my travelĀ honestĀ sanitizerĀ and SANITIZE those HANDS!Ā šŸ‘šŸ½couldn’t of came at a better time. This was my first time using a spray sanitizer, I’m used to a gel form. I feel like I don’t waste as much product, would you agree?


The last item I tried out was the SHUE BUG!,šŸžby far my favorite repellant out there.Ā First off whenĀ do they ever smell pleasing. I had to make sure I wasn’t spraying the SPRAY that BOTTOM! I was shocked and a little spray goes along way.


BALM! Baby would love to offer my readers an awesome GIVEAWAY!Ā Enter to win my top four products (BALM! baby SUN!, Diaper Balm, SANITIZEĀ thoseĀ HANDS!, and SHUE BUG!). This giveaway is open internationally and end on Monday, May 30th at 11:59 PST. Winner will be announced on the widget.

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17 thoughts on “BALM! Baby šŸ’š GIVEAWAY

  1. That SHUE BUG repellant sounds awesome! We’re going camping this summer, and I’ve been looking for another alternative for a bug repellant that won’t drive me crazy with all the chemicals!

  2. Ooohh…hard to pick which I would be most interested in trying. First thought was that I would love to try the Shue Bug because, to me, it is hard to find something that is natural and would work for that purpose. BUT, you mentioned you put the Diaper Balm on your eczema…my toddler has very sensitive skin and can get bad cases of eczema from various things…so I would be interested in seeing how that works with the eczema. Not to mention, I am due with baby 2 on the 31st, so it could also be used for diaper rashes šŸ˜‰ .

    1. Thank you for reading!!! Yes the diaper balm helps tame my eczema that flares up with weather change :l. Have you tried an oatmeal & coconut bath with your toddler? Anything skin related the balm is my go to.

      I never thought to look into repellents so I can see why that being your first thought. Good luck!!

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