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Does having a water birth count as Cataleya’s first experience in the tub? Well since then she has not been in a tub, because our main bathroom is a shower.


Summer is coming up and I really want her to feel comfortable in small pools of water, so I figure I start utilizing our other bathroom.

My first thought was to use pump breastmilk into the tub, but I don’t pump enough and I didn’t want to include extra pumping sessions. However, I did have a tiny stash that is considered bad because I accidentally thawed a few bags and never used it. Instead of throwing it away I saved it for this.


I still needed to find something for future baths because I wasn’t going to pump everytime >_<.  I looked everywhere it seemed like weeks I almost just gave up the idea. Thank goodness for Instagram I finally found what I was looking for and seems so simple. Amanda is the owner of Bebe de Luxe based out in Canada and she home-makes these bath products that can be used for the whole family! I’m always looking for clean, safe products, with minimal ingredients.


Amanda sent me her Coconut & Oat Milk Bath so I may try out and then realized this could help out my eczema too. Cataleya doesn’t have it, but I get really bad flare ups when the weather drastically changes. I don’t know why I didn’t think of an oatmeal bath before,  because my mom use to give them to me when I was little to help soothe my eczema.


I also love her packaging, I’m a sucker of it! It’s simple and looks pretty on the shelve. The ingredients are at the top and of course simple; organic, non-GMO, chemical-fee, and natural. Right when I opened the pouch you instantly smelled the coconut and oaks scents, I couldn’t stop smelling it!


Last night, before bedtime I filled the tub up with warm water and poured a couple tablespoons under the running water. You guys seriously, your bathroom will smell naturally amazing. When I placed Cataleya in the tub she loved, loved the water she was splashing in it and played with her bath toy. I didn’t have to worry if it accidentally got into eyes or mouth.


After she was all done, no need for another rinse! Her skin felt even softer, and her skin I couldn’t stop smelling, it’s kinda hard not too when she’s sleeping right next to me. It’s such a great alternative to soap for bath time.

What products do you use for bath time?

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15 thoughts on “Baby Luxurious Bath

  1. Fun! My sister in law made me an Epsom salt & lavender essential oil bath soak and I use that on my son when he’s being particularly grumpy! Haha. I love that it’s safe and natural for him!

    1. Thank you for reading! Yes, I always try my best to really use natural products for our family. However, I do need to try an Epson Salt bath, do you know if it helps with Eczema? Awwww How exciting of baby #2, congratulations!!!

      1. It helped my daughter, who has more of a seasonal eczema. In the winter she gets severely dry spots on her legs and back that crack, and it did help. It’s also very soothing. I was a little afraid at first, but it didn’t irritate her skin at all. And thank you!

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