Happy 🌎 Day + đŸŒ±2 GIVEAWAYSđŸŒ±

Honestly, I never noticed “Earth Day” on the calendar 😁. However, since having Cateleya I’ve been a little more aware of the environment, what our planet will be like in her future. I’ve been attempting to find alternatives that are environmentally friendly and that fit our family lifestyle. It’s a slow process, creating new habits take time, because I’m familiar with routines that I was brought up with.

I’ve teamed up with Re-Play Recycled and Between You and Me for not 1 but 2 separate 🌿G I V E A W A Y S 🌿 that you can enter in, so read on for more details!

What has been a struggle for me is getting outdoors more with our family. Weird because I have so many memories growing up on bike rides, to gardening, hiking, and I find myself more inside now. This month I’ve been really pushing to get out more, if its either at the park or just walking around our community.


I’ve lately been meeting up with local moms at a variety of parks. I’ve been bringing along the Re-Play Recycled collection that they sent me to try out. They have a rainbow of colors to choose from, but I instintly picked the bright pink 💗.


First of all, it’s pretty cool that they are made from ♻ milk jugs and the durability👌, it feels stronger than the traditional plastic. Cataleya has been exploring sounds and glad these can handle the wear and tear from her. These came in handy because I needed something to bring her snacks in. I don’t know about you but this whole solids thing is so new to me there are times I forget to bring food for her 😆. If I don’t forget her snacks I find myself stuffing her snack pod and spill proof cup in my bag.


I didn’t want to test out the spill proof cup in my bag and thought to avoid the need to. Let’s be real, I’m always in a hurry, even forget my cell phone, and many times I threw this baby in my bag. I have not encountered a spillÂ đŸ™ŒđŸŒ


We really encourage Cataleya to self eat. She doesn’t eat a ton of solids yet but she loves to explore and feel the textures. Sometimes she attempts to eat, and this bowl helps when we’re out. The depth of the bowl is helpful when she scoops up the food to the edge. This goes the same for the utensils, she doesn’t eat with them, but we let her familiarize herself with them since she sees us use them.


Another way that helps me get out of the house is baby wearing! Yes, I can wear her around the house, but she’s at the stage I have to be walking around. The best I can do in our limited square footage is vacuuming, but I can only do that so much!

It’s nice getting out of the house and simply walk around our community. Cataleya for some reason has this habit of chewing onto my wrap or ring slingđŸ˜©, so I like to wear a teething/nursing necklace. Especially the ones that have wood components to them for that extra touch,… it’s another obsession.


Emily is the owner of Between You an Me. Her unique style and colors of her necklaces caught my eye! I always appreciate items that are handmade😉. She has a variety of items that can be as simple as having a wooden ring or having the added detail of the different shaped silicone, which come in a few colors.


I actually purchased one from her to give as a baby shower gift, it’s probably going to be my thing to always add. These necklaces aren’t just for when your wearing your baby. You’ve probably seen photos of me wearing it when I nurse Cataleya, and it actually helps her from the distractions around me. On the plus side they look appealing just as is 😉.


In celebration of Earth Day, Re-Play Recycled and Between You and Me have giveaways for my readers. To help start your journey, whether it be to help reduce landfill, and/or get outside with your babes, pick which one or both to enter in!

Re-Play Recycled GIVEAWAY (1) feeding set to my followers, enter here. This is only open to US residents.

Between You and Me GIVEAWAY (1)  in-stock necklace from the Paradise Collection, enter here. This is only open to US and CANADA residents. In addition, she’s offering 40% OFF all purchases until midnight Sunday, April 24th, simply use Code: Earth

Both of these giveaways end Sunday, April 24th at 11:59 PM PST. The winner’s will be announced on the widget Monday morning. Good Luck!!!

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13 thoughts on “Happy 🌎 Day + đŸŒ±2 GIVEAWAYSđŸŒ±

  1. I love the Re-Play sets! I purchased the crayon box set at MommyCon in Seattle and I’m currently eying up the earth set! I can’t narrow it down to one specific color although I do have a Kelly Green sippy cup in my shopping cart over at IBB.

  2. This teething necklace would be amazing. My Lil guy is 16 months and has 4 teeth coming in right now all at once. This would also be great while nursing him to help calm him down and give him something to play with instead of mommy’s hair or pinching my skin ha 🙂

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