Getting My Wings ☺️

Little did I know I admired the Woven Wings brand so much early on. It was sometime in the summer I spotted a mom with the most beautiful yellow ring sling (I didn’t know it was called that at the time 😝). I 💛💛💛 yellow and almost anything I see it in, I fall head over heels with it.


That’s when I got introduced to Facebook Groups, I wasn’t using Facebook to the fullest extent! I can’t remember who invited me or if I requested myself to the All Things Woven Wings and American Winglets. There are tons of groups you can Buy/Sell/Trade for a specific brand and/or category. I don’t know about you, but I was a little hesitant buying used and thought why don’t I just buy new.


My very first ring sling I bought new was from Sakura Bloom and wore it everywhere outside the house. New is nice but it also took a lot longer, a ton of wearing, to really break it in so the fabric was soft. Hands down I totally recommend buying used vs new and yup there is a group for Sakura Bloom B/S/T too. Which reminds me I have to still sell mine 🙈.


I spent weeks scrolling though the Facebook group looking really for a reasonable price on a ring sling, which was more priority than the pattern. I should have studied up on the acronyms because when I found a sweet deal it felt like it took me an hour to decode the posting 😂.

It’s really nerve wracking when you buy your first item, the logistics of it. Even requesting the seller to send an invoice to you. Did you know that it can be done through PayPal? Well, because that was news to me 🙋🏼, man I felt old school not in with the times!


Thankfully, a mom that I knew already knew the ropes and helped me purchase my first set of wings! It’s true what they say once you buy one, it becomes addicting, but months later after that purchase I got another one. This time in my favorite color, but in a wrap.

Geo Dr. Goldfinch in a Size 2

Where do you buy your baby carriers? Have you considered purchasing used?

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