Curious about the Waldorf way

Have you heard of Waldorf Education? I haven’t, well let me take that back, I’ve only  heard the word Waldorf from the character Blair on Gossip Girl. Other than that I’ve never heard of it until I kept ease dropping and hearing Waldorf at mom meet ups.


So I naturally was curious about it, and become even more curious when I seen the Pasadena Waldorf School was throwing a 30th Annal Elves Faire. Jezriel and I attended and were amazed with the grounds. Although Cataleya at the time really couldn’t enjoy the activities it was great for Jezriel and I to explore and get a peak to what the environment was like. I was really amazed of how much opportunity their was for a child to explore outside.


Most recently we attend an open house to see what that was about. Let me tell you we loved every bit of it. Right when you walk onto he grounds there is so much nature incorporated. You have the wood like playgrounds, sand boxes, plants everywhere, I mean it really invites the children to dig into nature, they even had a tortoise roaming the grounds freely. That was the first time I even been near one, let alone touch its shell.

The program has such a different outlook on how the childhood educator interacts with the kids.


The classrooms are simple almost neutral, the toys are basic, wood and muted. There were soothing songs to welcome kids to the next activity. And really us parents are their to just observe them and let them explore. I even caught myself wanting to tell her “shhh”, or “no”, even instinctively grabbing her to be near me when the educators were talking and much more.



What amazed me was when it was snack time. You didn’t hear the educators raise their voices, “it’s snack time, come to the table to eat”. Instead one of the educators started to sing a gentle song and then going through the motions of preparing for snack time. By pulling out the banana nut bread, the apples, and a napkin. That’s what signaled the children to come to the table and it was their decision to do so. That’s what sold me!


When we left Jezriel was so excited and even supported me on having Cataleya be apart of the  Parent and Child program. After getting feedback from mom’s that have their children go, we want to wait for Cataleya’s cue. Their isn’t any rush, but when she explores crawling and walking thats when we will look at the next enrollment dates.


If your curious you can see if their is a Waldorf near your community here.

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