I see teeeeettth!

The past week was such a blur, Jezriel and I have been drinking a few extra sips of coffee, even joining Cataleya in her mid-afternoon naps, and we finally feel rested! I have to say I feel teething pain peaks in the middle of the night, am I right?


The mild temperatures, runny nose, massive drooling aw… the joys of teething that come to waking up from Cateleya’s discomfort cries around 2 AM. My mini soothe routine is nursing her, giving her a chilled teether, and if all else fails we wear her!  I’m so thankful my husband loves to wear her as well, because we get to take turns on squeezing in little shut eye.

So’Pure Sophie Giraffe

As for teether’s we simply went with the So’Pure Sophie Giraffe  it’s pretty much the sister of the Sophie la Girafe. We also really like the Baby Teether from Honest, because you can either chill it or freeze it. Plus you can purchase it as an add-on to your diaper bundle for a bit of a discount. That one is probably half the size of the So’Pure Sophie. They are both small enough to clip onto my wrap or Jezriel’s carrier.

Honest Teether

The one thing I’ve been wanting to buy was an Amber Teething Necklace. A lot of mom’s I know use one so I picked one up locally, at Mother and Baby Boobtique.


However, I always get a little nervous having something around Cataleya’s neck, but I wanted to give her something natural to help with her discomfort. Of course we take the normal precautions of her not sleeping in it, biting it, and I even take the extra step and take it off when she’s in the car seat. Would you mammas do the same, am I being to worried?


She started getting teething symptoms around three months and finally those two stubborn bottom teeth have finally cut through!!

What ways do you help your baby with their teething aches? Depending on her future aches we may consider trying out Hyland’s Baby Teething Tablets. Have your heard of it, if so what do you think of it?

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